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The stud Es Fangar

After being founded in 2007 the first Hanoverians were brought to ES FANGAR. At this time nobody expected that this would be starting a great development namely ES FANGAR became a important part of the Hannoveraner Zuchtverband (Hanoverian Breeding Association). ES FANGAR´s unique climatic as well as environmental conditions are ideal to breed, raise and maintain horses.All year round our horses are kept outside on more than 450 hectares of open-ranges, separately placed concerning age and gender. The horse keeping is taking place in accordance to their individual needs. Therefore we have created a perfect environment, which is determining the success of the horses´ physical and mental development.

State premium mares from the best bloodlines


When upbringing foals, ES FANGAR follows epigenetic fundamentals, therefore also allowing the foals to learn from their mothers. This causes our horses to be more stress resistant.

An optimal constitution and health of all our horses are guaranteed by nonstop daily supervision.

Best surfaces and most modern facilities

Equestrian Facility

  • Entire year useable

  • Solarium and cleaning places

  • Insemination wing

Riding hall

  • 20 x 60m open riding hall

  • Automatical roll-up wind net

  • Ebb and flow irrigation system

Oval track

  • Lenght 900m

  • Endurance training

  • Ebb and flow irrigation system


  • Sized up to 30 square meters

  • All boxes with paddocks

  • Flooded with light

Trail riding

  • 100km horse trails

  • Endurance training

  • Private terrain

Aqua trainer

  • Strengthening the health

  • Strengthening the tendon system

  • Convalescence

Fresh barley grass

  • Nutritious

  • Two times daily

  • High class forage

Tack room

  • Luxury equipped

  • Moderne furniture

  • Air-condition

Flight above ES FANGAR

International attraction

Es Fangars training center

Horse training

Presentation in tournaments

Diversified training

Individual training

Classic horse education

Advancement of suppleness

Easy and harmony

Cadenc and reunite

Horse sale

Building a strong character and guarenteeing a solid qualification

Wide variety of basic training

Participation in Championships

Confident with all situations

Ressage standards of the FEI

Our service and competence for horse purchases

German horse passport

Support of transport- and export

Complete veterinary documentation

Assistance before, during and after the purchase

Organization of the complete processing of a pre-purchase inspection

“Our horses are our most important goods. Their well-fare, their health and contentment are the centre of our daily work on the stud ES FANGAR. To avoid any stress or problems we are a well-rehearsed team.”

Patrick Kofler

Managing director/ Stud manager

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